sora in a boxThe PlayFest UnAuction


One of the hallmark activities at PlayFest is the CCSC UnAuction. The UnAuction provides an important (and fun!) opportunity to raise much needed funds to support the incredible work that goes on in our classrooms. Proceeds will provide general support of the center and fund things like classroom supplies and teacher professional development. We hope you’ll stop by the UnAuction at PlayFest and purchase some amazing items to support the center—we are very fortunate to receive some really extraordinary contributions for this event.

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How will the UnAuction work?

The UnAuction is designed to be a fun way to quickly support CCSC—no bidding required—so you can get back to the play! Anyone who wants to participate should arrive at the UnAuction table at least 15 minutes prior to that time to fill out a registration card and get an UnBidder number, which will be used to make purchases for items. Any adult PlayFest attendee can register to participate so encourage your friends and family to join the fun.

Ways to support CCSC through the UnAuction:

1) Count Us In!

In the past, we have been able to procure an amazing selection of extraordinary experiences for children and families and other unique items. You can sign up to purchase these items at the price noted on the sign-up sheets on the UnAuction tables. (Most prices will range from $50 to $75 per space, but there will also be some lower and higher value items.) Plan to show up early to buy because space is limited for many items!

2) Best Offer Wins!

There are also several unique items that will go to the UnBidder who submits the best offer. At the UnAuction, next to each of these items, you will find offer forms. Fill out a form with your UnBidder number and your best offer for the item and drop it into the envelope next to the item. You can submit offers for items from 10:30 a.m. (when the UnAuction opens) to 1:00 p.m. The UnBidder with the best offer at the time the event closes will win the item! If there are multiple best offers at the same price, we will draw the winner from those entries.

3) Fabulous Finds

We will also have a number of mystery packages available for purchase at a fixed price (starting at just $25). The value of each mystery package is guaranteed to be worth a minimum of the purchase price, and nearly all of them are worth much more! You’ll pick your mystery package, and open it to reveal your prize. If you like surprises, this is a fun way to support CCSC and get some great items!

All UnAuction items purchases will be settled in the days following the UnAuction. You will be able to pay for your items via check, PayPal, credit card, or add them to your CCSC account. Delivery/pick up of the items will also be arranged after the event.

For questions about PlayFest or the UnAuction, please email