PlayFest 2016: Growing the Future

Overview of Activities

Infant & Toddler Light & Shadow Room:

A cozy spot for the exploration of light, colors, and shadows for our youngest friends.  With shiny, reflective materials and transparent colorful objects, the opportunity for delight of visual surprises can be had!

Touchy-Feely Boxes

The sense of touch is highlighted in these spacious yet cozy touchy-feely boxes.  A variety of tactile surfaces offer opportunities for exploration.

Gadget Painting

A myriad of tools and gadgets provide creative opportunities for painting and printmaking.  Gadget painting: a hands-on experience with paint, offering a chance to experiment with the process of painting and encounters with rich and satisfying colors! 

Sprouting Seeds

Begin the process of growing a plant!  Here children have the joy of picking out just the right seeds from bowls of smooth and shiny seeds.  Personalize the bag to make it your own with bright colorful pens.  Once the seed begins to sprout, it’s ready for planting in the garden.  This experience makes the seed sprouting experience a visible and eagerly awaited one! 

Produce Painting

Painting can happen with just about anything!  Carrot tops, celery bottoms, and more can be transformed into stamps and painting tools!  Prints and designs can all be created with tools from nature! 

Nature Collage

With a myriad of gifts from nature, creative collages can be made!  Twigs, shells, leaves, bark, acorns and more are offered for the joy of the creative process!  Design and compose a one-of-a-kind collage from the beauty of natural materials.

The Edible Wall

Come close to the deliciousness of nature!  Through the experiences of sight, smell, touch and taste, children and adults alike can share in the encounters with a variety of lettuces and herbs. Snip a lettuce and have a taste!  Smell an herb!  Begin a conversation about growing plants and linger in the beauty of an urban garden. . .

Loose Parts Market

Let the innovative constructing begin!  With a marketplace of recycled materials at the ready, creativity is sure to abound!  After making selections of just the right found materials, children will have the opportunity to design, build, construct, imagine, problem-solve, and more with their carefully selected treasures.

Mobile Mania

Colorful beads and recycled/repurposed materials are transformed into delightfully dangly mobiles ready for displaying at home!  Fine motor skills are strengthened, colorful patterns might come to life, discoveries of balance are all ready to be had through this creative mobile making experience.

Sunny Sun Catchers

Light, color and reflection are at the heart of this creative endeavor.  With colorful, organic collage shapes and shiny silver backgrounds, make a sun catcher to enjoy at home. 

Sandcastle Sculptures

Enjoy the satisfying work of creating large or small sand sculptures.  Work together with friends, use tools, enjoy the weight and heft of moving wet sand!  Dig holes, build sand mountains and more!

Bubbles, Bubbles

Make bubbles, pop bubbles!  Such fun to watch bubbles emerge and float all around.  Easily accessed bubble making stations will provide wonderful opportunities for the joy and excitement that bubbles can bring!

Construction Zone

With a larger than life set of big wooden blocks, children will have opportunities to work with friends to build and construct imaginative block structures.  Engineering skills, problem solving, and more can be tapped into during this block building experience!

Community Tree

Come by and decorate a part of our CCSC tree branch.  Add whimsy and color to felled tree branches with paint and ribbon.  Collectively, we will transform the branches into a colorful sculpture to be enjoyed by many!

Clay + Nature

Enjoy the experience of working with clay!  Working with hands, the clay can be rolled, squished, squeezed, sculpted, flattened, smoothed, poked and more!  Add visual interest to the clay with the addition of natural materials.  Sticks, stones, shells and more will be available for exploration with clay.

The Sound Tree

Our big and beautiful oak tree will be transformed into a playground of sound!  Pull on a rope handle.  What do you hear?  Enjoy the wonderful surprises of sounds when the sound tree is activated by one’s own efforts of pulling on the rope handles.

Nature:  Up Close

Enjoy a moment of quiet observation.  Cut flowers, stems with leaves, “bird nests” and “bird” props will be available for close encounters.  Feeling inspired?  Spend a few minutes drawing with color pencils, oil pastels and crayons in an outdoor studio setting. 

Fairy Garden

A pretend fairy land will be available for imaginary play.  With stones, gems, and other treasures, add beauty and whimsy to the natural fairy garden setting.  Little animals and pretend people add additional fun.