exploring leavesCCSC Mission Statement

The Children's Center of the Stanford Community is a cooperative effort by Stanford families and Center staff to raise happy, healthy, compassionate and socially confident children who are prepared for challenges beyond the security of the Center.

CCSC Values Statement

The Children's Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC) brings together families and staff with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and philosophies. At the core of this enterprise is an important relationship with Stanford University which provides CCSC support and goodwill. The Center adheres to a set of values that influence decision-making at all levels, from governance to operational management to everyday classroom activities. This statement reflects our commitment to these values and provides a set of principles to guide CCSC.

Community: We build relationships among parents, teachers, staff, and children by working together, sharing our experiences, and communicating effectively.

Child-Centered Learning: Our play-based curriculum allows learning to emerge naturally by encouraging the children's sense of wonder to guide their interaction with their environment, their peers, and their caregivers.

Emotions: We provide a nurturing environment in which children and the adults around them express their emotions appropriately and empathize with others.

Creativity: We encourage creative thinking at all levels, from artistic expression and creative problem solving in the classroom to innovation in Center administration and governance.

Security: Through the dedication and commitment of our staff and parents, along with the support of Stanford University, we create a safe place for children to explore their world, their emotions, and their relationships.

Respect: Children, staff, and parents are treated with respect and tolerance as we strive to understand and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.

Growth: We provide opportunities for developmental, professional, and personal growth through risk-taking, communication, and breadth of experience.

Responsibility: We create a stable environment for families and staff and ensure the long-term viability of the Center by establishing and following responsible fiscal and operational policies.