CCSC’s Board of Directors

As a nonprofit organization, CCSC is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of ten elected parent members plus the Center’s Executive Director, four teacher representatives, and a university liaison—a representative from the university WorkLife office—who is a non-voting member of the Board.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to provide “visionary leadership and to create policies that lead the Center toward achievement of its mission, in a manner consistent with its values.” The Board focuses on long-term planning and policies. It monitors the performance of the Executive Director to ensure compliance with Board policies and effective center management. The Board does not deal with the daily operations of the Center. It does not intervene in parent-teacher disputes or in teacher-administration disputes. It does not monitor the performance of teachers or of the admin team. More information about the board can be found in the Policies and Bylaws of the Children’s Center of the Stanford Community, which you can request from the Executive Director. 

2018-2019 Board Roster

  • Lisa Chen, Parent and President
  • Olga Sazonova, Parent and Vice President
  • Julie Good, Parent and Treasurer
  • Jack Baker, Parent and Secretary
  • Carrie Townley Flores, Parent 
  • Jens Hainmueller, Parent
  • Anna Michalak, Parent 
  • Carrie Armel, Parent
  • Katie Phillips, Parent
  • Phyllis Pires, University Liaison
  • Susan Hoganes, Executive Director
  • Tessa McClintic, Teacher
  • Moses Pardo, Teacher 
  • Christian Perla, Teacher 
  • Trisha DeGuzman, Teacher

2018-2019 Board Meetings

CCSC Board Meetings are held monthly from 6:15-8:15pm, and are open to the community.   To view a calendar of these dates click here.  

2017-2018 Board Meeting Documents

To view Agendas, Minutes, and other documents from past board meetings click here.